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The  Paraná Oil specializes in maritime services highlighting the activity of removing / treating solid and liquid waste in ports of Santos and Paranaguá .

Our company has a trained for this activity with modern equipment and highly trained staff team.

We have two offices service: one in Santos - SP and another in Paranaguá , both integrated to facilitate the implementation of care services to contractors .

We have all the necessary licenses and liability insurance for our operations.

Our services are accompanied by a specialized company in environmental protection to ensure greater certainty for all involved.

We operate in the following segments:

- Disposal of solid waste (garbage) ;

- Disposal of liquid waste ;

- Cleanliness of containers

We serve major shipowners and shipping agencies in the country.

In 2013 , the Paraná Oil was the leader in its segment operations at the port of Paranaguá , especially because of the quality and efficiency of services provided policy.

With the integration between ports , agents and services , the Paraná Oil is the best solution for running the service in the shortest time and with the best cost benefit .